Shri PankajBhai Sanghvi
Hon. Gen. Secretary,SGS

An education is the founding stone to years of success to follow. It bears the best results when efforts are directed towards goals unreservedly. We aim at education that is specialized vocational edification leading children the arms and means to follow their true calling. We provide them the skills to adapt with the swiftly changing world and inculcate in them the perseverance to never give up on what they are set out to achieve.

Within each student there is a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a social activist, a sportsman, a poet, an environmentalist, an author, or an economist. At Shri Gujarati Samaj Ajmera Mukesh Nemichandbhai English Medium School, we help students in channelizing resources vis-a`-vis their dreams. Life does no provide warranties and guarantees. But it provides possibilities and opportunities. So do not miss them and make the most of your life through them.

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