Dr (Ms) Shyamali Chatterjee
Principal, SGS

Friends As we stand witness to changing human convictions towards personal, national and humanitarian interests, which tend to get equal projection through public and personalized media; it depends on our own intellectual receptiveness as to which thought bind to us and which get repelled. Digital connectivity has provided us access to peoples' perceptions and expressions on a global level. In other words, it is not just the morning newspaper that is the only source of information for current affairs, it is also the 24x7 streaming news channels, twitter & Facebook updates, hoards of online news feed and WhatApp posts which are source of our continuous information on what all is happening around us. The digital media is influencing us subtly but strongly. But what is essential is a relational filter.

It is the effort of this school to develop that "Relational Filter" amongst young minds as they get exposed to ocean of information and thoughts. Such a relational filter is not something that can be created overnight. It demands pursued attention and exemplification of human values on an individual level that guides a young mind and modulates its perception. Children learn what they see and it is the onus of us teachers to help them. "see", to help them visualize how thoughts materialize into action and how the actions of an individual impacts the society and the world.

In a similar way that there are check "points on roads to ensure peoples" safety and regularize traffic, there need to be check points in the flow of information or rather on the impact of information. These check points are not debarring the students from sources of information, but a constructive discussion built around every piece of thought which can impact a young brain's perception. it is through discussion that virtual messages can be connected in reality and it is through such real conversation that notions are formulated as progressive thought s and ultimately drive ideas.

It is my personal efforts along with all teaches of this school to build such forums of discussions wherein thoughts and ideas can be exchanged and the school educational model expands beyond text books into thought building. Thus developing a "Relational Filter" in the minds of each pupil of this institution which will help them evaluate the right from wrong all through their lives.

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